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Team: Research and development Cell



Following team member from the department and sections are appointed to take the research activity forward to a higher level, under the leadership of Dr. Vijaykumar Jatti (Dean R&D).


Name of the Members

Name of the Department

Dr. Vijaykumar S. Jatti, Dean R&D, DYPCOE

Mechanical Engineering

1.      Dr. D. G. Khairnar, HOD

2.      Dr. Manish Sharma  (Member)

3.      Mrs. Rutuja Deshmukh (Member)

Electronics  & Telecommunication

1.      Dr. R. S. Hingole, HOD

2.      Dr. Pravin T Nitnaware (Member)

3.      Mr. Shamsing Thakur (Member)

Mechanical Engineering

1.      Dr. N. A. Deshpande, HOD

2.      Dr. Vinayak Kottawar (Member)

3.      Mrs. Deepali M Gohil (Member)

Computer Engineering

1.      Dr. B. B. Musmade, HOD

2.      Mr. Pauroosh Kaushal (Member)

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

1.      Dr. Ashok More, HOD

2.      Dr. Alka Y Pisal (Member)

3.      Dr. Saswati Datta (Member)

Civil Engineering

1.      Dr. V A Kulkarni, HOD

2.      Dr. Ganesh Jadhav (Member)

3.      Mr. Sanket Bhosale (Member)

Production Engineering

1.      Dr. Preeti Patil, HOD

2.      Dr. M A Potey  (Member)

3.      Mr. Kalyan D Bamane (Member)

Information Technology

1.      Dr. Sanjay Babar, Dean FE

2.      Dr. Archana Chavan (Member)

3.      Dr. Pranjali Shinde (Member)

First Year

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