Hon. Mr. Tejas Satej Patil


Dr. D.Y.Patil Pratishthan

Mr. Tejas Patil is a young, dynamic and promising educationist and leader of Dr. D.Y.Patil Education Complex, Akurdi, Pune ,who aims to bring revolution the field, introducing new course, new avenues faculty training and best Technology.


He aims to drive education on the path of academic excellence so as to develop the right environment faculty, staff and students and thereby provide them a complete security, exponential learning and a sense of Social Responsibility. He has introduced state-of-the- art technology that will help all the Stakeholders to achieve the new heights. He is a strong believer that every human who bring in revolution, learns at every stage of his life.

Moreover he proclaim that Change is inevitable for growth. He has driven his change across the Campus by setting up the State of Art System which ensures that everything comes on record. Also the Green Campus Concept of his has set in motion a healthy atmosphere positive thinking and perseverance.

At DYPCE, Akurdi, Mr. Tejas aims to make students compatible enough to look at themselves as budding entrepreneurs and employees for tech job who would definitely add value to the Organization they join.

To achieve this, he focuses on strengthening of III(Industry Institute Interaction). He places utmost importance on the functionality of Incubation Center,
Industry driven center of Excellence, Entrepreneurship Development Cells at campus .

He is instrumental in the organization of Faculty Development Programmes across the year enable the faculty to become confident mentor and nurture the personal and professional lives of students on campus.

Research and Development is his personal goal as  he firmly believe  the “Innovation can only sustain us in the future”.

He staunchly opinionates that Akurdi campus would keep standing tall as a Powerhouse of knowledge on the three pillars:

  • Quality Education
  • Qualified Faculty
  • Healthy Environment

His vision spells out as “Intelligence plus Character is the true goal of Education.