Degree Program offered

B. Tech. (Robotics and Automation)

Program Duration

4 years

Year of Establishment




Approved by

AICTE, New Delhi

Affiliated to

Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune


Robotics and Automation Engineering uses control systems and information technologies to reduces the human work efforts in the Engineer. Immediate & long-term employment opportunities exist in the fields like industrial automation, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, aerospace, healthcare, and defense. Also, this field finds applications in the regular streams like mechanical systems/design engineering, electronic systems engineering, and control systems engineering.
As the recent global career trend in robotics suggests, fields as diverse as surgery, modern warfare, and nanotechnology have registered a remarkable increase recently in their demand for technical experts and researches in robotics and automation. Surveys conducted the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization.
A specialization in Robotics and Automation lead to potential career opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering, agriculture, mining, space exploration, power-plant maintenance, and a variety of other areas. The initial job functions in the field include- Robotics Engineer, Robotic Welding, Mobile Robotics, 3D Robotics, and Automation by the government and private agencies reveal that the robots enhance the job quality, productivity, accuracy, profitability for those who work in hazardous environments.
Robotics and Automation Engineering Course will provide a comprehensive educational environment and enable students to gain expertise in next-generation Robotics and Automation systems. By exposing our students to course work from multiple disciplines shall prepare them to think about robotics from a holistic approach. This program will prepare a skilled industry workforce as well as expert researchers who will be able to provide leadership in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology.
The department has a well-qualified, devoted, and experienced faculty with an average experience of more than 8 Years. Two faculty members are with Ph.D. qualifications and others with master’s degree in relevant fields. Department is having well-equipped state-of-the-art equipment and Laboratories like Robotics Lab, Automation Lab, Computer-Aided Manufacturing Lab, Robotic Simulation Lab, etc. with excellent computational facilities including professional software packages, such as MATLAB, Unigraphics, robot simulator, etc. The workshop lab is also well equipped with state-of-the-art machines including CNC, VMC, 3D printing, and other industry-grade machines.

PG Degree course offered M.Tech. (Robotics and Automation Engineering)
PG Course Duration 2 Years
PG Year of Establishment 2023
PG Intake 15
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Affiliated to Savitribai  Phule  Pune University

Post Graduate Programme in Robotics &Automation is a two-year Post-Graduate engineering program. Robotics & Automation focus on the design of modern Robotic systems. Robotics & Automation in the area of computer-controlled technology and dealing with the construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture, and application of robots. Robotics and automation are considered as one of the integral and significant parts of Industry 4.0. In the current era, automated machines like robots have turned out to be extremely beneficial for various sectors - starting from assisting humans around the house to industrial applications like assembling and packing products and helping doctors in performing complex surgeries. This new development has opened a door for enormous opportunities for the skilled and trained professionals.

Branch of engineering that deals with the design and development of robots/machines, to manipulate and automate robotic control actions. Automation and robotics engineers make use of knowledge from computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological mechanics, software engineering. They also implement control system strategies and information technologies to reduce the need for human labour in factories, offices and at home.



To develop and create technology professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers with global competence in the field of robotics and automation imbued with societal values



To create a milieu that fosters holistic and interdisciplinary learning and nurtures explorative erudition in the field of R & A to develop successful professionals

Establish a symbiotic association between the industry- research organizations and governmental agencies to promote collaborative research projects

Robotics Lab: 

Six Axis V Ramp Robot