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President's message

Hon. Dr. Sanjay D. Patil


The D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi’s forays into education extend back to over two decades and today stand as benchmarks for others who aspire to emulate. Each campus is a landmark in itself, having a culture of commitment, transparency and teamwork.The College is committed to provide students with abundant and diverse opportunities to explore and express themselves not only in education but also in sports, arts and culture.I believe nurturing the potential of the student, giving them exposure to the latest developments enables them to become competent and quality conscious engineers. The world class infrastructure and environment in the college reflects the meticulous care taken in maintaining high academicians and most ultra-modern laboratories. 


Friday, 22 May 2015 05:26

Founder President's Message

Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil (Ex-Governor, State of Bihar)
Founder President Of D.Y. Patil Group

I am very proud to share that our College under D. Y. Patil Pratishthan's one of the most eminent Higher Educational Institution today and is renowned for standards of its Faculties, Students and Alumni. It is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge and ensures the futuristic approach that keeps pace with the changing trends of the professional world. It is a matter of pride and privilege for me to see all of you doing well as Teachers and Students. Let me remind you that, academic success has always been cherished tenfold when coupled with achievements in the various other non-academic arenas. I wish and hope that all of you continue with same zest and contribute nobly as future pillars of the nation. 

I wish the students studying at D. Y. Patil College of Engineering all the very best in their future endeavours and grand success to the faculties in their efforts to impart excellent education. God Bless.

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Quality Policy

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Empowerment through Knowledge.



To educate the students to transform them as professionally competent and quality conscious engineers by providing conducive environment for teaching, learning, and overall personality development, culminating the institute into an international seat of excellence.


Institute Objectives 

  1. To produce technically competent, quality conscious engineers.
  2. To develop functionally suitable and conducive environment for students and staff for academic purpose.
  3. To develop the departments into the centre of excellence.
  4. To develop post graduate centers for all branches.
  5. To implement Effective & efficient Teaching–Learning practices.
  6. To increase percentage of campus placements.
  7. To strengthen industry institute interaction.
  8. Help students for personality development and career guidance.
  9. To develop the students and staff to get international Acclamation.
  10. To develop an e-learning campus.


Learning Outcomes

  1.           Consigning Mathematical, scientific and Engineering fundamentals for Engineering applications.  
  2.          Imparting long lasting solutions to the real life problems by analyzing , designing Engineering system according to societal needs
  3.         Adapting global changes through professionalism, multidisciplinary approach, and ethical behavior for workable and economically feasible Engineering solutions.
  4.         Developing interpersonal skills for teamwork, management and leadership qualities which will help in self directed continuous improvement and commitment to quality of lifelong learning.
  5.           Succeeding in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE, MPSC etc
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Institute at glance


Dr. D. Y. Patil Prathishthan's, D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, was established in 1984 in Pimpri and later shifted to Akurdi complex in 2001, which is in the vicinity of Pimpri Chinchwad Industrial area, one of the biggest Industrial belts in Asia. The college spreads over 10 acres of land with seven Engineering disciplines. This Institute is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and is affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

The college has excellent & ambient infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories. Well-qualified, motivated, and dedicated faculty members are serving in the Institute. Students are encouraged to actively participate in National and State level co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The institute has well planned boys and girls hostel in the campus with better amenities and ultra-modern facilities.

Branchwise intake


 Branch wise Intake 

Under Graduate Level(First year Engineering)


Post Graduate Level


Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

·     Construction & Management

·     Environmental Engineering




Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering


Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

·     VLSI & Embedded Systems



Information & Technology




Instrumentation & Control Engineering




Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering :Mechanical Design



Production Engineering (Sandwich) *(From Second Year(SE) to Final Year (BE))


Production Engineering (Sandwich) :Manufacturing Engineering & Automation




BE : Artificial Intelligence and Data Science



BE : Robotics and Automation





  • Established in 1984
  • Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
  • Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Highly qualified and competent faculty
  • Ultra-modern buildings and excellent infrastructure
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • NRI quota as per AICTE norms
  • Research and Consultancy Cell
  • 100% placements through training and placement cell
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Cell
  • Highly enriching library facility including Internet, National and International journals 

Excellence through  Education:

Appreciated and recognized as a front runner in the education scenario. The D Y Patil College has become a prominent force in imparting quality education. The group strongly believes that quality education is a stepping stone to progress and success. With a long standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning, the group has nurtured values that go into the making of successful careers. Reiterating excellence in every venture explored, the group stands tall with its undeterred commitment to deliver quality education. Equipped with state of the art infrastructure, the group has a chain of 100 educational institutions that encourage individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale the newer heights of success. The college believes in imparting education that will build world citizens of tomorrow. Therefore it has ventured and excelled in uncommon streams like engineering, management, research and technology.

Moreover the college enjoys academic alliances with overseas universities that help to breach the educational and cultural divide between various and countries and us.


Best Practices: DYPCOE

        1. Virtual Lab:


    To promote laboratory experience during Covid-19 pandemic, the institute has collaborated with Virtual Labs by IIT Bombay. The purpose is to provide remote-access to Labs in various disciplines. These labs motivate students to conduct experiments using additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation. The Virtual Labs includes various domains and laboratories developed by the prestigious IITs and other premium institutes across the nation. Each experiment is carefully designed with detailed explanation and simulation support. This facility is being effectively utilized by our students of all departments.


  2. 2. Use of MS Team software for teaching learning:


    Microsoft Team is a cloud-based platform of integrated Microsoft tools and is a game-changer for organizations for teaching and learning in pandemic situation. Microsoft Teams is an enterprise communication tool which takes the waste out of traditional office collaboration to benefit use of Quizzes, Assignments, Polls, Attendance, use of white boards, sharing a screen for practical demonstrations.

    Our college has formed class wise team in Microsoft Teams software for smooth conduction of academic activities. This online platform helped all the students for effective learning. 

    Some of key features of MS Teams which we were used extensively by faculty and students are summarized below:

    1. Online assignments/quizzes,
    2. Screen sharing or presentation in real time,
    3. Whiteboard facility,
    4. Discussion forum,
    5. One drive for sharing course materials,
    6. Attendance monitoring,
    7. Recoding facility.


Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness of DYPCOE, Akurdi

Facebook live session conducted in Institute

The world has experienced an increasing impact of COVID-19 situation in last 10 months. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 216 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Institute has decided to invite eminent Speakers, scholars, academicians, scientist and corporate personals to deliver sessions on the topic of their expertise. The series was planned from July 2020 to September 2020. The sessions were made Facebook live to reach out to the students, faculty and other stockholders. 52 Speakers from across the globe delivered sessions on this platform. 

Some of the distinguished speakers like Prof. Susan krumdiek, University of Canterbury, Newzeland, Mrs. Nilkashi Joshi, Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Amitabh Saxena, CEO, Anexas, UK, Mr. Ben Bendre, Consultant USA, Dr. Adil Dhalla, Chief operating officer, Singapore from various part of the globe contributed in this activity. There are diverse deliberations on various topics like environment and sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine learning, Soft skills, spirituality and social responsibilities. As all the sessions were live could reach maximum stockholders like students, faculty, alumni, parents, industry personals etc.





Code of conduct policy

 Code of conduct policy

Policy No 4: Academic Discipline and Code of conduct

 Policy 4.1 Code of Conduct for students

Entities affected by this policy – All the students of DYPCOE.

Policy Statement – Following are the codes of conduct for the students of the Institute

Responsible Office – All the academic departments of DYPCOE

Dates of issue:  Oct. 2019 

Policy 4.2 Code of Conduct for Faculty and Staff

Entities affected by this policy – All the faculty and staff of DYPCOE.

Policy Statement – Following are the codes of conduct for the faculty and staff of the Institute

  1. Private Coaching or participation in the same: Canvassing, placing signs and posters for solicitation purposes, collection of any personal money is prohibited in DYPCOE or Dr. D.Y.Patil Educational complex, Akurdi premises. Especially, any faculty found to be indulgent in conducting, organizing, participating in conducting tuition classes or coaching classes, remunerative or otherwise would be suspended with immediate effect. Appropriate further action would be taken upon giving a fair chance to such faculty/staff.
  2. Attendance: Employees are expected to be prompt in reporting to work on time. It is expected that employees will remain on the job until the end of the workday unless excused by the Head of the Department/Vice Principal/Principal/Campus Director. An employee, who knows he / she will be absent from work on a particular day should report such anticipated absence to the Head of the Department/ Vice Principal/Principal/Campus Director. A record of tardiness and unexcused absences may result in loss of pay or other disciplinary action.
  3. Conflicts of Interest: An employee of DYPCOE should avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest between his / her obligation / responsibilities at DYPCOE and outside activities.
  4. Behavior: All employees to follow rules and regulations, and standards of courtesy, conduct, cooperation, ethics and etiquette as expected at DYPCOE. Following are examples of actions, which are unacceptable to the DYPCOE code of conduct and often result in disciplinary action or termination of employment:
  • Insubordination – proven misconduct
  • Theft
  • Conviction of an offence involving moral turpitude
  • Bringing discredit to DYPCOE
  • Falsifying or forging of any academic records, reports, or information
  • Any other misconduct interfering with performance of job tasks
  • Unauthorized absence from assigned work area
  • Gross Negligence
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Interfering with the work performance of another employee
  • Nepotism (Favoritism)
  • Multiple instances of intentionally wasting materials
  • Willful damage to equipment or property of the DYPCOE
  • Entering an unauthorized work area
  • Failure to report absences
  • Habitual absence or tardiness 
  • Job abandonment
  1. Safety: Safety on the job and care of property and equipment is the responsibility of all employees. Every effort should be made by the employees to avoid avoidable safety-related incidents or careless work habits.It is necessary to report unsafe working conditions and any on-the-job injury, regardless of severity, the Head of the Department and the Human Resources Manager immediately.
  2. Confidential Information: Some employees handle confidential information as they perform their duties. Such information is not to be discussed or made available to anyone until it has been approved for release by the respective authorities. Any person found using such confidential information shall have appropriate disciplinary action initiated against him / her depending on the severity of the matter.
  3. Gifts : Employees of the DYPCOE are not to accept gifts, souvenirs, gratuities, or courtesies, in any form , from any person or persons, corporations, or associations* that, directly or indirectly, seek to use the connection so as to secure favorable comment or consideration or any commercial commodity, process or undertaking. *Examples of the same would be students under supervision , or vendors having contracts.
  4. Disruptive Behavior: While honoring the freedom of expression and the right to peaceful dissent of an individual, DYPCOE in the best interests of orderly operation and preservation of an environment favorable to productive study, has adopted a policy prohibiting disruptive behavior on part of any student, faculty or other employee. Disruptive behaviour includes but is not limited to gherao, rasta roko, protests, strikes, slogan shouting, symbolic displays of unrest such as wearing protest bands etc. Any disruptive behavior by any student or Employee is /would be considered to have committed an act of gross indiscipline and is subject to disciplinary action that may include cancellation of admission/termination of services.
  5. Outside Employment: Any employment outside DYPCOE is not permitted, except in cases where such employment does not interfere with regular and punctual discharge of duties and responsibilities of DYPCOE. Even if granted permission by the management for non-interfering employment mentioned above, use of DYPCOE property and time in such endeavors is prohibited.
  6. Malpractices: No employee/students is to indulge in, or encourage any form of malpractice(s) connected with examination or activities at DYPCOE.
  7. Media interactions: Without prior sanction from the Management, no employee/student is to interact with the media or to publish any statement either by name, or anonymously, about DYPCOE related issues.
  8. Reporting on duty upon arrival: All employees are required to register their attendance in the Attendance Muster as well as biometric system every day at the beginning of the day and before leaving the Campus.
  9. Late Arrival: All employees are expected to report on duty at least five (5) minutes prior to their reporting time on all working days. Exception to the same is peons responsible for opening and closing of departments/labs/offices, wherein such peons are expected to report on duty Thirty (30) minutes prior to their reporting time on all working days. Three instances of Fifteen (15) minute delay are permissible with intimation to the Head of Department /Vice Principal/Principal/Campus Director in a month. Beyond such third late-coming, a day of Casual Leave would be deducted.
  10. Leaving the premises before time: No employee is permitted to leave the campus before the official working hours. The only exception to this special concession or On-duty travel reasons / leaves. The Human Resources Manager or any other appropriate authority might perform a random check and the irregularities would be reported to the disciplinary committee for further necessary actions.All of the facets / parts of this Code of Conduct are discussed at length in the respective policies in the HR Manual.



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Alumni Cell


At the outset I, Mrs. Jasmita Kaur, Alumni Coordinator, Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Complex, Akurdi, Pune welcome you to the flag ship college of Dr. D. Y. Patil Prathisthan.  

The Alumni Cell is one of the integral parts of our college. We are immensely proud to have large number of graduates from all over India and feel privileged that their support and generosity has been helping the college achieve its ambition as an international centre of learning and research. The Alumni Cell is serving as forum to promote and foster good relationship between alumni, present students, management and teaching faculty. The cell also promotes industry institute interaction to bridge the gap between industry requirements and educations offered and hence enhance student’s employability.


Mrs. Jasmita Kaur

Alumni Coordinator

Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Governing Body

Alumni Association of DYPCOE was formed in the year 2004 and is registered under Charity Commissioner of Pune. The association was registered on 2nd November 2004 with registration number: Maharashtra/1754/2004/Pune.

All students graduating from DYPCOE are members of the Alumni association.

The association has eleven members on its body with the Principal as Ex-Officio President, senior faculties as General Secretary and Treasurer while the remaining members are the alumni.

The alumni are associated with the college on continuous basis and contribute in the overall growth and development of  the college .

We are proud of our Alumni working in various reputed organizations across the globe.

                     Alumni Association registration certificate



Register yourself

Dear Alumni,

Greetings from D Y Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi, Pune! 

With a view to strengthen the Alumni Cell of DYPCOE, we humbly request you to share the following so that we can be connected.

Your valuable inputs and support will help in the overall growth and development of the institute.

We look forward for continuous association.  


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Mr. Vikas Mathur (1988 graduating Batch - Computer Engineering)

Current designation: Founder and CEO RightCloudz, Banglore

Over the many years since its inception I have seen the college grow from strength to strength in all the areas of its operation. The dedicated management team and enthusiastic faculty have always kept the student’s interests in mind and created an environment where learning is fun, intensive and industry oriented. They have ensured that students have access to excellent facilities, labs and continuous opportunities for industry interactions including campus placement opportunities. I wish continued success to the college and current students who I am sure will find great careers in their chosen professional areas.


Mr. Sanjay Pundir (1990 graduating Batch - Computer Engineering)

Current designation: Founder and CEO at Right Aligned Solutions Pvt Ltd, Banglore

I run 2 IT companies (Right Aligned Solutions Pvt Ltd ( and CorpYogi Systems Pvt Ltd: Brand – apnaoffice ( and it is all because of the foundation that was laid down longtime back during my college days in D Y Patil College. We had the best set of professors who helped us mould our thinking and career. I thank every one of them including the support staff who would go beyond the normal to address our concerns.  The formation years in D Y Patil College helped us do what we successfully do today. Sincerely wish to contribute with my efforts in building the careers of the next generation of professionals coming out from my college. Wish my college to continue the good work in helping students become successful professionals.

Ms. Blessy Cherian (2002 graduating Batch - Instrumentation & Control Engineering ) 

Current designation: AGM-HR & Admin,ElectroMech Group

It’s a proud feeling to be associated with DYPCOE.

The state of the art infrastructure, experienced and supportive professors and a diverse student population, gave us an exposure and confidence to strive and reach where we are today. The efforts taken to improve the industry-institution interface are commendable. Earlier as a student and now as a hiring manager, it amazes me to see the dedication & commitment by the college staff to ensure that the students are well prepared for the placements. Education is a huge responsibility as it contributes to building a society and a nation.

D Y Patil has taken this responsibility and they are definitely taking the education standard to the next level.

Mr.Kaustubh Githapathi (2004 graduating Batch - Instrumentation & Control Engineering) 

Current designation: Founder of Kimaya Automation, Pune

I feel very proud to be a student of DYPCOE, Akurdi. The college supported and developed me personally and professionally as a manager and the great thing is that I am able to apply this knowledge gained in my own business. All my success is due to the support of faculties from the Instrumentation Department.


Sreeju Manoj Menon (2005 graduating Batch - Computer Engineering) 

Current designation: Sr. IT Security Analyst,Oracle India

I think DYPCOE is one of the finest Engg colleges in Pune and I feel very proud to be alumni. It’s been 12 years since I passed out of college but when I think of my college, it brings back loads of wonderful memories and always brings a smile to my face. DY has been instrumental in my overall development, be it developing my interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, technical skills. I owe a lot to what I am today to my college and the wonderful faculty not just my stream (Computers) but all the support staff. It’s been truly amazing and I am sure all my friends and juniors agree with my emotions.


Mr.Ankur Sah  (2008 graduating Batch - Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) 

Current designation: Technology Consultant with UMT consulting in Houston, Texas 

I am thankful to college for providing platform for entering into software industry through placement cell.  I graduated from E&TC in 2008 and joined Syntel through campus placement, following which I worked for AMDOCS, IBM and KPMG. I have completed MS & currently working as a Technology Consultant with UMT consulting in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Tushar Jadhav (2008 graduating Batch - Instrumentation & Control Engineering) 

Current designation: Group Head-Controls, Global Engineering Center, Johnson Control

Dr. D. Y. Patil College Of Engineering has really providing a ground to nurture the talent. Campus is completely in line with the vision of imparting world class quality education to the students in various disciplines, with state of art infrastructure. Quality education has prime importance here rather than number of placements. If you have basics of engineering in place, then getting the job from campus becomes secondary. I would say college is truly focusing on bringing talent out, not the heads. 

I am proud to have Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering as my alma mater and wish them the best to achieve their fortune

Mr. Suyash Bhatnagar(2011 graduating Batch – Information Technology)

Current designation: Technologist, Wipro Limited

My journey at DYPCOE has been full of excitement, challenges and learning. It was an environment of great fun, where every day offered the chance to learn something new.DYPCOE has provided me a platform to realize my potential & to make the best use of it. The DYPCOE provided me an opportunity to work with L&T InfoTech through its placement cell, which gave my professional career a solid foundation. Today when I look at the different professional options available to me, I think my decision to join the DYPCOE was undoubtedly correct. I am overwhelmed by being an Alumni DYPCOE for whatever & wherever I am today.

Mr. Rahul Bagade, (2012 graduating Batch - Information Technology) 

Current designation: Tech Lead, PTC Software.

DYPCOE has provided me a great platform for the overall growth and development. 
The campus has excellent infrastructure and is very beautiful with student-friendly amenities and greenery, canteen, activity center, equipped computer lab, and modern well-equipped library. The teachers are very friendly, professional and inspiring. Academics are in accordance with the latest industry trends. It's been a privilege to be a part of DYPCOE. I found lifetime friends, who are part of my life. I miss the college days

Mr. Rahil Shaikh, (2013 graduating Batch - Information Technology) 

Current designation: CEO, TechMainstay Software Pvt. Ltd.

Study environment in D Y Patil COE makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hardworking students. Another feather in the cap is the professors that impart quality education to their students. Never can a student find himself lost in a concept and professors not being able to rescue him! I could see lots of changes in infrastructure, especially the Training & Placement department has improved a lot, and all the labs have been improved. The infrastructure of the institute speaks for itself. I would like to guide the students as & when needed. Currently I am working as CEO of TechMainstay.

Mr.Dipesh Bafna (2014 graduating Batch - Civil Engineering) 

Current designation: Founder Director, Know How Schools

Few are lucky enough to get chance to stay connected with their college, their alma-matter even after graduation and I am happy to say I'm one of those few.The journey during graduation was worth in itself. Right from experienced faculty to well set labs, the college has a perfect blend of infrastructure and quality teachers. Besides, one can easily figure out it's emphasis on Kaizen with their continuous efforts to improve everyday.The training and placement cell does justice to the quality of students being developed in the college by bringing for them right opportunities at every stage. Know How Schools, my startup to give students hands on training, is fortunate enough to have started with DYPCoE, Akurdi itself and I am sure this association shall go long.


Madhur Khandelwal (2014 graduating Batch - Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
Current designation: Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View. (LinkedIn profile)

I enjoyed my time at DYPCOE. Faculty was friendly and flexible enough to help students pursue their interests like participating in Robocon. I also appreciate the efforts taken by the training and placement cell in helping bring a top notch organizations like Nvidia to the campus for recruitment. That definitely jump started my career!

Mr. Jelson Chacko (2016 graduating Batch - Information Technology) 

Current designation: Service Engineer, Calsoft Pvt. Ltd. Pune

It was a great journey at the D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi all these years. If there was no teachers' support, I wouldn’t have been in such a position. Their encouragement and immense support were the boosting factors to all my achievements. Currently I am working in CalSoftPvt Ltd, Pune.




  1. Placements
  • Students placed in Touchwood Automation – 2019 Graduating Batch along with Mr. Tanmay Mehta, Founder Director, Touchwood Automations (Department of Production Engg, Year of Passing 2012)

  • Students placed in Iqube – 2017 Graduating Batch along with Mr. Pratik Oswal, Founder & CEO, IQube (Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engg, Year of Passing 2012)


  • Students placed in Constrologix – 2017 Graduating Batch along with Mr. Anil Dhobale, MD Constrologix (Department of Civil Engg, Year of Passing 2014)


  • Students placed in Constrologix – 2016 Graduating Batch along with Mr. Anil Dhobale, MD Constrologix (Department of Civil Engg, Year of Passing 2014)


     2. Campus Connect Programmes

  • Niyanta Gupta Garg, Co Founder & CFO at First Impression (Department of Mechanical Engg, Year of passing 2010) delivering the session on Resume Building & Self Orientation (27. 07. 2018)
  • Tushar Jadhav, Sr. Engineering Manager – Global Centre of Excellence – Johnson Controls (  Department of Instrumentation & Control Engg, Year of passing 2008 ) after the Expert Talk on Industry Expectation from Freshers ( 20.07.2018)


Distinguished Alumini

Distinguished Alumini

Computer Engineering 

Name of Alumni



Linkedin Profile link


Vikas Mathur



Product Management, Citrix


Nitin Rairikar


Sadhana Soft,Pune


Mr. Sanjay Pundir

Founder and CEO

Right Aligned Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India


Irvinder Singh





Delhi, India


Vikas Abrol

VP Software Engineering

J.P. Morgan

·        Bangalore Urban, Karnataka


Manish Bharucha

Co-Founder, CEO


Kyzer Software India Pvt Ltd


Ganesh Rakheja






Salil Mohanti

Senior Vice President


Head of Change Management, Global Markets Division, Bengaluru


Kiran Gurujane


Manager - Projects

Cognizant Technology Solutions

·        Pune


Sharad Sanap

Test Manager

Aeon Logiciel

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Swapnil Gupta

PTC Software Pvt I Ltd

Senior Software Development Manager


Aditya Dange

Associate Consultant at


Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Deepak Bhirud

Senior Consultant  

Infosys Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Darshan kolhe

Enterprise Solutions Architect


Pune, Maharashtra, India


Rohit Kulshreshtha

Software Engineer


Snap Inc.

Seattle, Washington, United States


Sandip Gosavi

Technical Project Manager


Pune, Maharashtra, India


Ijaj Bagwan

Senior Technical Staff at

Oracle Application Labs

Pune, Maharashtra, India





09th July 2021: Dhanashree Kad (2012 batch), Head of Sustainability & Diversity, ZF Division Electrified Power train Technology Friedrichshafen, Baden-Wruttemberg, Germany, addressing students on “ Sustainability & Circularity”

09th July 2021: Mr. Vikram Kaul (1989 Batch), Team Lead - Project Management & Implementation, Tetra Pak India Private Limited, addressing students on “Expectations from Industry

08th July 2021: Mr. Piyush Nikam (2016 Batch), Machine Learning Engineer, Qualcomm Corporate addressing students on “Introduction to ML, DL and opportunities in Data science”

02nd July 2021: Mr. Swetabh Sonik (2019 Batch) Business Development Manager, BYJU’s addressing students on “Career opportunities post COVID situation”

29th June 2021: Mr. Pravin Chaudhari (2002 Batch), Founder CEO, Virtuoso Projects & Engineers Pvt Ltd, addressing students on “Opportunities in Competitive Era”

16th March 2021: Mr. Ajinkya Borude (2018 Batch), Director: Greenomind Innovations Pvt. Ltd addressing students on “Entrepreneurship or how to build startup”

8th February 2021: Mr. Purav Shah (2020 Batch) Asst. Project Manager, Permasteelisa North America addressing students on “Facades & Curtain Wall”

5th February 2021: Mr. Kaustubh Githapathi (2003 Batch) Director- Kimaya Automation addressing students on “Lab view in Automation and Entrepreneurship development”

                                                                  Alumni Meet 2017


                                                                                   Alumni of DYPCOE, Akurdi gathered for Alumni Meet 2017


                                                                                 Alumni while sharing their thoughts in Alumni Meet 2017

                                                                  Alumni Meet 2016


                                                                                      Alumni of DYPCOE, Akurdi gathered for Alumni Meet 2016


                                                                                     Alumni while sharing their thoughts in Alumni Meet 2016

                                                             Alumni Meet 2015


Sunil Pal (stand-up comedian) was invited for Alumni meet 2015                                            Alumni while sharing their thoughts in Alumni Meet 2015


Alumni of DYPCOE, Akurdi gathered for Alumni Meet 2015                                                              Alumni while sharing their thoughts in Alumni Meet 2015                             

Glimpses Alumni Meet


Dignitaries on dice during the Annual General Meet held on 19th December 2009

 Alumni gathering during the Annual General Meet held on 19th December 2009


Hon. Chairman Shri Satej D. Patil interacting with alumni during Annual General Meet held on 14th August 2010


Campus Director Col. S.K. Joshi addressing the Alumni meet held on 29th November 2010


Dignitaries on dice during the Global Alumni meet held on occasion of Silver Jubilee celebrations of the college on 22nd January 2011


Students performing during the Global Alumni meet held on occasion of Silver Jubilee celebrations of the college on 22nd January 2011


Dignitaries on dice during the Annual General meet held on 14th December 2014



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Principal's message


Dr. Mrs. P.Malathi, Principal I/C
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D. Y. Patil College of Engineering (DYPCOE) is the renowned college of the prestigious Dr. D.Y. Patil Educational Complex, Akurdi, Pune for imparting quality education and committed to produce skillful engineers. DYPCOE is located in the industrial belt of Pimpri Chinchwad.Over the past 34 years the institute has earned its repute with quality of education and excellence in the field of engineering. The college is committed to provide high quality education to its students and transform them into competent professionals who have domain knowledge and skills, management skills, mental maturity and understanding of professional advancements. Institute has faculty members who are well qualified, experienced, inspired and result oriented to inculcate academic excellence by following effective teaching learning process.DYPCOE have healthy environment to inculcate ethical and moral values in faculty members and students at DYPCOE, placement of our student is of prime importance to all of us and that is why institute has a systematic module focusing on the holistic development of individual students for research, innovation , enterprenuership and professional skill development of the students through weekly programmes right from the first year to final year of engineering. We are one of the four colleges in Maharashtra to have tie-up with TCS Japan for Hikari Programme. This add-on facility enables our students to get placed in many reputed multi-national companies across India and abroad that visit to our college for placement activities. Challenges and Opportunities are two sides of the same coin. We take every care of all-round personality development of individual student along with academic excellence.DYPCOE has four language labs imparting training not only in English but also in Japanese, German and Chinese languages to create a global platform for our students and to make them acceptable in this competitive world. The faculties and students are encouraged to organize and participate in co curricular and extracurricular activities to show their talent. For quality learning students are facilitated by various industry-institute interactions to understand recent trends, technologies and industry processes. It gives me a great pleasure to be associated with D. Y. Patil Educational Family and I warmly welcome to D. Y. Patil College of Engineering (DYPCOE). The engineering education at DYPCOE will not only earn you an engineering degree but will transform and groom student’s personality, empowering them to lead a successful professional life.

Wishing you all the success and bright future !!!


Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:24

Trustee's message

Hon. Mr. Tejas Satej Patil

Trustee Dr. D. Y. Patil Pratisthan

Mr. Tejas Patil is a young, dynamic and promising educationist and leader of Dr D.Y.Patil Educational Complex, Akurdi, Pune, who aims to bring revolution in field of education by introducing new courses, new learning avenues faculty training and best technology. He aims to drive education on the path of Academic excellence so as to develop the right environment for faculty, staff and students and thereby provide them a complete security, exponential learning and a sense of Social Responsibility.  He has introduced state- of- the- art technology that will help all the Stakeholders to achieve new heights. He is a strong believer that every human who brings in revolution, learns at every stage of his life.

Moreover, he proclaims that Change is inevitable for growth. He has driven this change across the Campus by setting up a State of Art System which ensures that everything comes on record. Also, the Green Campus Concept of his has set in motion a healthy atmosphere, positive thinking and perseverance.

At DYPEC, Akurdi, Mr. Tejas aims to make students compatible enough to look at themselves as budding entrepreneurs and employees for tech jobs who would definitely add value to the Organisation they join. To achieve this, he focusses on strengthening of III (Industry Institute Interaction). He places utmost importance on the functionality of Incubation Centre, Industry driven Centres of Excellence, Entrepreneurship Development Cells at the Campus.

He is instrumental in the organization of Faculty Development Programmes across the year to enable the Faculty to become confident mentor and nurture the personal and professional lives of the students on Campus.

Research and Development is his personal goal as he firmly believes that “Innovation can only sustain us in the future”.

He staunchly opinionates that Akurdi Campus would keep standing tall as a Powerhouse of Knowledge on three pillars:

  1. Quality Education
  2. Qualified Faculty
  3. Healthy Environment

His vision spells out as: “Intelligence plus Character is the true goal of Education.”

Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:20

Accerdiation Status

The college has been approved by the AICTE. Identification No. is FMS /28/B-III/RC (BB)-93-10752 dated 15/12/93.

The college has been recognized by the Institution of Engineers, India.

The college is registered with Ministry of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra.

The college is monitored by Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai. College admissions are controlled by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti, Mumbai, headed by retired high court judge.

College tuition fee is controlled by Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Mumbai, headed by retired high court judge.

The college is affiliated to University of Pune and is fully governed by the rules, regulations and ordinances of the University. Identification No. is PU/PN/ENGG/ 055(1984).The examinations are conducted by the University at the end of each semester .On completion of the course, the successful candidates are awarded Bachelor of Engineering degrees by the University. The medium of instruction and examination is English.


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