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Institute Objectives

  • To produce technically competent, quality conscious engineers.
  • To develop functionally suitable and conducive environment for students and staff for academic purpose.
  • To develop the departments into the centre of excellence.
  • To develop post graduate centers for all branches.
  • To implement Effective & efficient Teaching–Learning practices.
  • To increase percentage of campus placements.
  • To strengthen industry institute interaction.
  • Help students for personality development and career guidance.
  • To develop the students and staff to get international Acclamation.
  • To develop an e-learning campus.
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Career at DYP

D.Y. Patil is a landmark in one of the Silicon Valley City, Pune – A capital for education in India

Popularly known as the oxford of east, centre of Marathi Culture and one of the largest software exporters in India. This conglomeration is responsible for all types of generations to get settled in Pune. The education and IT industry has allowed many students and youth to select Pune as their location of study or employment. The Maharashtra tourism during Ganesha Chaturthi organizes Pune festival which hosts classical dance, music & dramas.

Talking about religious places are Alandi and Dehu where Sant Dnyaneshwar and poet Sant Tukaram lived during the 13th and 17th centuries respectively. The attractions for Pune from past have been the heritage places of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Peshwas and Mughals viz. Shanivar Wada, Singhgad Fort, Lal Mahal and Aga Khan Palace.

Outer Pune have valleys of Lonavala and Khandala prominent destinations during monsoon also well connected by local train. Other amusements have several museums and parks including the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.

Food is a delight in Pune and a taste of different aromas makes everything delicious. Many well known hang out junctions with leading food joints of pizzas and burgers across the city including snacks from street vendors for all time famous vada pav, missal, dabeli and bhelpuri is a must to punekars.

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Studying in Pune

Pune, Maharashtras IT and culture capital, is a vibrant, burgeoning city. The second largest city in Maharashtra, and eight largest in India , Pune has earned a number of soubriquets; “The Oxford of the East”, “The Pensioners Paradise” and “The Automobile City”. Home to numerous educational institutions, traditional heavy industries, cutting edge IT companies, dynamic BPO’s, stud farms, and an international meditation centre, alongside an Air-Force base, and an army Cantonment, the character of the city is as rich and diverse as its inhabitants. Students from all over the country flock its borders, its IT and BPO industry attract talent from all over the world. Over the last decade Pune has grown at an astronomical rate. Entire suburbs have sprung up where there existed scarcely a building or two a dozen years ago. The early lack of development in these fringe areas is responsible for the large self-contained housing complexes that now dominate Pune. Growth in Pune radiates outwards from the new IT parks. Employing thousands of highly paid professionals, these parks have created millionaires overnight, who like to enjoy their new success. Malls, multiplexes, pubs, bars and discos have mushroomed all over town. Retail is the next big story, and the city malls and supermarkets cater to every single segment of society. However, while the city’s industrial development is changing the face of the city, Pune is still primarily a university town.


The origins of Pune are clouded by the mists of time. However, we do know that a settlement existed where Pune now stands, as far back as the 6th century A.D. Numerous forts lie on the outskirts of modern Pune, some constructed as far back as 100 B.C.

The Lohagad fort, some 50kms outside Pune, was constructed by the Satavahana dynasty (who reigned over much of India from 230 B.C. till 190 A.D.). The Purandar fort, 20 miles SE of Pune, was built around 1350 A.D., during the reign of of the first Bahmani king, Hasan Gangu. The Torna fort, constructed in the the 13th century, lies some 40 miles SW of Pune in 1643.

Coins dating back to the mid 7th century show that Punnaka, a thriving agricultural settlement was flourishing by the 8th century. It was during this period that the Pataleshwar Cave Temple was carved out.

Mention of Pune crops up in history after that, however, it wasn't till Shahji Bhonsle (Shivajis father) appointed Rango Bapuji Dhadphale administrator of Pune in 1625 that it truly began to develop. Rango Bapuji Dhadphale oversaw the construction of the Kasba, Somwar, Ravivar and Shaniwar Peths.

He was followed by Dadoji Kondev, who built the Lal Mahal palace, in an effort to revitalize the city after capturing it for his pupil, Shivaji. Pune was Shivajis childhood home, and he made the Lal Mahal his home till in 1643, at the age of 16, he captured the Torna fort.


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Contact Us

Get in touch with us:

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D. Y. Patil College of Engineering,D. Y. Patil Educational Complex,Sector 29, Nigdi Pradhikaran, Akurdi, Pune,411044.
Admission Incharge:
Dr. K. T. Jadhav
Admission contact numbers :
Mobile 1: +91-9730175809
Mobile 2: +91-9075345011
Mobile 3: +91-9075284431
Mobile 4: +91-9607957618
Mobile 5: +91-9158195999
Mobile 6: +91-8007283107
For any other queries contact (College reception): +91–20–27653058 
Fax: +91–20-27653057
Email ids:
For Admission : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For Recruitment : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TPO E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For enquiry or information : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The D. Y. Patil Group

The group strongly believes that leadership positions drive growth. Leadership positions serve customers better, attract partners and intellectual capital, and lead to large savings that benefits all stakeholders.


At The D Y Patil Group, this is the spirit that has empowered us greatly in our process of ENSURING A BETTER TOMORROW. To the group, tomorrow does not belong to mere technology or sophisticated software, but to our core strength- our people. The group has always placed people’s welfare before commercial profits in every activity it carries out.


Appreciated and admired as a frontrunner in the education scenario, The D Y Patil Group has become a name synonymous with quality education. The group strongly believes that world-class education is the stepping-stone to progress. With a long-standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning, the group has nurtured values that go into the making of successful careers. Reiterating excellence in every venture explored, the group stands tall with its undeterred commitment to deliver better. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the group has a chain of over 100 educational institutions that encourage individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success. The group believes in imparting education that'll build world citizens of tomorrow. Therefore it hasn't ventured into common streams like science, commerce and arts. In fact, it has gone much beyond that, by venturing into areas like technology, architecture, legal studies, sports academy, management school, hospitality &catering school, etc.

Moreover, the group enjoys academic alliances with overseas universities that help bridge the educational and cultural divide between various countries and us. Some of the alliances include those with University at Buffalo, Tufts University, University of Seychelles, University of Central Lancashire and many more.


The group is proud to have not only met but also exceeded the norms set by the Government of India. And this has accorded it the status of Deemed University. This reflects the level of committtment and dedication the group has towards its objective. Currently there are three such deemed universities, at Navi Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur, under the D Y Patil Group. The biggest advantage of this status is that the group can set up its campus anywhere across India and overseas.


With an aim to deliver sports programmes and promote all kinds of sports, the group has build a World Class Sports Complex at an approximate cost of USD 20 million. The Academy will also expose Indian students to innovative programmes such as sports medicine, sports psychology, sports Physiology, Sports exercise & nutrition, et al.

Excellence through Foresight

The group has also made its foray in sectors beyond education. Healthcare, Agribusiness, Media and Consultancy are just some of the sectors where the group has spread its wings.

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IIT Bombay Remote Center

Message: Cell coordinator

Message from IIT Bombay Remote Center coordinator


 I am Mrs Aarti Gaikwad ,Asst.professor from Information Technology & Coordinator of  IIT Remote Centre Bombay.This is the facility created by our Institute as per the requirements of IITB  ,wherein we conduct faculty Development Programs for faculties and different workshops for faculties as well as students. Remote Center acts as bridge between our Institute and IIT Bombay and creates a channel of interaction between students and teachers of our Institute & the Acclaimed Academic resources of IITB. We have been training various faculty from our institute as well as from other institutes nearby. We have conducted many workshops to name few Linux workshop, R workshop, esim in IOT,Scilab,Koha and Library Automation etc.


Mrs. Aarti Gaikwad,

Coordinator-IIT Bombay Remote center



About the remote center

About the Remote Center

Every Indian learner deserves to be given a chance to have the highest quality education. Scarcity of trained teachers critically hinders this national desire. This project envisions empowerment of teachers, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. Thousands have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, and of the resulting open source contents.

The “Teach 1000 Teachers” programme was initiated by IIT Bombay in 2009 under the project, “Empowerment of Students/Teachers,” sponsored by NMEICT (MHRD.), to enhance the teaching skills of engineering faculty. Participants attend workshops conducted by expert faculty, in multiple remote centers. Lectures are delivered at IIT Bombay, using multi-way visual interaction. Tutorials and labs are conducted at remote centers by a local senior faculty, trained earlier by the expert.
This program has now grown to include 10,000 participating teachers. The main focus of this programme is to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty in core Engineering and Science subjects.

Under the programme, IIT Bombay conducts ISTE workshops during the vacation period in summer and winter. Teachers attend the workshops at a designated Remote Center (RC), close to their own college. 

A Remote Center (RC) is a place from where the participants/people can interact with the instructor (faculty at IIT) who is conducting the course or delivering a lecture from IIT Bombay. The live lectures are transmitted at Remote Centers using A-VIEW software.

  • The Remote Center (RC) is usually a reputed engineering college with good facility and infrastructure.
  • It acts as a host for the virtual classroom environment created by A-VIEW.
  • The participant can attend the workshop in a RC close to his/her place. The RC minimizes the logistics of travel, boarding and lodging.

Our College is a Remote centre for IIT Bombay and the Remote centre No: 1516


Activities conducted

Workshops conducted under IIT bombay Remote Center for faculty members and students are as follows: 

S.No. Workshop Title Date from Date to Workshop Coordinator 1 Workshop Coordinator 2 No. of participants
1 One day Workshop on C and C++     Pramod Deshmukh Vrushali Uttarwar  
2 One day Coordinators Workshop on R 12 October 2019 October 12th, 2019 October 12th, 2019 Vishakha Mehtre, Comp NA 1
3 eSim a First Course in the IoT Series for Teachers on 21 September 2019 September 21st, 2019 September 21st, 2019 Manisha Rajput, E&TC NA 50
4 One day Workshop on Linux on 23 August 2019 August 23rd, 2019 August 23rd, 2019 Ashish Saxena, IT NA 15
5 One day Coordinators Workshop on Linux on 3 August 2019 August 3rd, 2019 August 3rd, 2019 Ashish Saxena, IT NA  
6 One day Coordinator workshop on eSim on 27 July 2019 July 27th, 2019 July 27th, 2019 Manisha Rajput, E&TC NA  
7 One day Workshop on Scilab - 4 May 2019 May 4th, 2019 May 4th, 2019 Kishore Bhangale, E&TC NA 17
8 Coordinators Workshop on Scilab - 16 April 2019 April 16th, 2019 April 16th, 2019 Kishore Bhangale, E&TC NA 2
9 One day Workshop on Moodle Learning Management System March 15th, 2019 March 15th, 2019 Pradnesh Padave, Production NA 31
10 One day Workshop on Koha and Library Automation March 9th, 2019 March 9th, 2019 Avinash Lande, Librarian Gajanan Babhulkar, IT/Systems 24
11 Coordinators Workshop on Moodle- 1 March 2019 March 1st, 2019 March 1st, 2019 Pradnesh Padave, Production NA 1
12 Coordinators Workshop on Koha and Library Automation February 8th, 2019 February 8th, 2019 Avinash Lande, Librarian Gajanan Babhulkar, IT/Systems  
13 Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process - Autumn 2018 October 30th, 2018 March 31st, 2019 Rashmi Deshpande NA 60
14 Foundation Program in ICT for Education - Autumn 2018 September 13th, 2018 December 31st, 2018 Rashmi Deshpande NA 60




Glimpses of the events conducted under IIT Bombay Remote Center





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Find the latest information and updates in the engineering education and industry at D Y Patil College of Engineering,Akurdi, Pune, one of the best Engineering Colleges in Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC), Pune.

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Production Engineering: A Complete Guide on Course, Career, Scope, Eligibility Criteria

How to Choose the Best Engineering College in India After 12th?

Jobs & Career Opportunities after Mechanical Engineering

Jobs & Career Opportunities after Civil Engineering


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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar : 2020-21 SEM_I
Academic Calendar : 2019-20 SEM_II


Online Certification Agencies

Details of Online Certification Agencies
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Innovation Cell

Message: Cell coordinator

Message from Innovation cell coordinator


D Y Patil College of Engineering (DYPCOE), Akurdi has established a magnificent legacy in the field of quality education in the last 35 years through a long standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning.The process is well supported by the research and innovation based culture among the students and faculty members. The Startup and Innovation Cell/Institute Innovation Council is constituted at the institute in accordance with the guidelines from Innovation, Incubation and Linkages, S.P.P.U. Pune. It is also approved by the MHRD Innovation Cell, Government of India.

This cell has come into existence with a vision of fostering the culture and awareness among the students and faculty towards innovations and entrepreneurship. It will concentrate upon developing an ecosystem of converting ideas into new or improved products, processes and services by encouraging, inspiring and nurturing young students by exposing them to new areas and processes resulting in innovative activities in their formative years. This would be done through various activities and programs like, Expert sessions, workshops, industry visits, interaction with experts, etc.

I would like to extend this opportunity to all the students and faculty members to be a part of this cell and contribute in the journey of innovation.


(Dr. Manish Sharma)

Innovation Cell Incharge

Mail id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About the Cell

About the cell

Institute has established an Innovation Cell to build the culture of innovations among the students and faculty.Cell would encourage students to enhance their skill sets by providing necessary support to needy in any kind of innovation. The main focus is to spread awareness among students and faculty for idea generation, converting idea into concept and concept into prototype. It promotes innovative ideas that provides solution to societal issues through product development by providing the platform to develop it from ideation to implementation.Cell would focus to create strategic collaboration with various national and international organizations to promote innovation.


Inculcate intricate thinking in the minds of faculty members and students by polarizing thoughts into the process and thereby into a product.


Major focus

Major focus

  • To create effective innovation ecosystem.
  • To promote various innovation initiatives
  • To encourage students by supporting them to develop product from ideation to implementation.
  • To make student technically acquainted through workshops and training sessions.
  • Transforming innovative ideas to products for societal benefit.
  • IPR and Commercialization of the product.


Cell Functions

Functions of the Cell

  • To provide platform to inculcate culture of research and innovation among the students and faculty.
  • To organize events like idea exhibition/competition, Product exhibition etc. at different level.
  • To organize sessions of eminent personnel to spread awareness of innovation among the students and faculty.
  • To establish linkage with International/national researchers in various fields to nurture innovation
  • To create awareness about various new avenues.



Committee members

Internal committee members

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty


Dr. Manish Sharma


Dr. Rahul Hingole


Mr. Vipin Vibhute


Mrs. Vaishali Kolhe 


Mrs. Manisha Rajput


Mr. Mukund Chougule


Mr. Nilesh Mahajan


Mrs.Madhuri Gurale


Mrs. Deepali B. Chavan




Action Plan

Action Plan

Sr. No




Induction Workshop



Lecture of Entrepreneur



Visit of Club members to start up units



Exposure of students and faculty to startup activities



Formation of Industry Interaction Cell

(Industrial visit by Cell member to identify the problems)



Session by Alumni Interaction( At least 6/year)

01 per month


Perspective Plan of Innovation & Incubation Cell for 2019-20

Sr. No.

Name of Activity



Sessions for UG students



Sessions for PG/Ph.D. students



Patentable projects(UG)



Patentable projects(PG/Ph.D.)



Interdepartmental Projects 



Proposal for Incubation Cell



Innovative Ideas for Incubation



Product Development







Inauguration of DYP HACKATHON 2020 by the auspicious hands of Dr.Avinash Joshi(CEO,Research park Foundation) Dr. Shaligram, Dean Science and Technology SPPU along With Dr. Vijay M. Wadai (Principal),Dr.Mrs.P Malathi(Vice Principal) DYPCOE, Akurdi, Pune on 16th January 2020.

Glimpses of the event:





Solar Ambassador Workshop in association with IIT Bombay conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering on 2nd October 2019.

Robotics Club -DRAIC (DYPCOE & Artificial Intelligence Club) of D. Y. Patil College of Engineering Akurdi won second Runner-up at MindSpark 2019 at COEP in Line Tracing Robot Competition conducted on 29th September 2019.


SE Students Nilotpal Barma and Aditya Aher of Department of Mechanical Engineering secured 1st Prize in Competition ACUNETIX 9.0, Innovatia held                        at DYPIET,Pimpri. The title of Project was "Smart Irrigation System."

Aniket Ghandage, Bhagyashree, Hritik Yadav from Department of Computer Engineering of DYPCOE, Akurdi bagged 1st prize in Innovate for Smart Pimpri                  Chinchwad Competition jointly organized by Pimpri-Chinchwad Muncipal Corporation (PCMC), Pimpri-Chinchwad Smart City Ltd.(PCSCL) and PCCOE held on                 26th September 2019.


Shreyash Choppawar (TE E&TC), Amit Prasad(TE Comp), Vedansh Shrivastav (TE IT) - A team of DYPCOE, Akurdi stood 3rd in Innovate for Smart Pimpri- Chinchwad Competition jointly organized by Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), Pimpri-Chinchwad Smart City Ltd.(PCSCL) and PCCOE held on 26th September 2019.




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